The unbelievable cliff churches of Gheralta, Ethiopia

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One of my favourite things in life is to experience stuff that few people on Earth have done. Probably not my best quality ;) .

I managed to achieve this on a recent road trip around Ethiopia. The country is not on many tourist agendas (though it really should be) especially if you are adventurous, love dramatic landscapes and enjoy a mixture of ancient history and culture. The cliff churches of Gheralta are removed from the usual tourist route making them truly remote.
The climb takes about 1.5hrs and not for the faint of heart. I don’t consider myself scared of heights but scaling vertical walls with no rope safety had my heart racing on more than one occasion. It’s an emotional ride with 300m drops, open tombs, and a spiritual feeling I haven’t felt in even the grandest of European cathedrals and I am not even religious. Just watch the video and prepare to have your breath taken away.

Text and edit by Scott Reinders. Click on Scott’s tag below to see his other work for Driftsole Media.

3 months at Teahupoo, Tahiti

I spent everything I’d ever made to live 3 months at Teahupoo. Besides a lot of alone time, this is what I got up to. Loud volume essential. HD Preferred. Enjoy!

To The Sea

By: Matt Hart

June 2014: I hadnโ€™t been back to South Africa for 5 months, homesick and working hard in Saudi Arabia since January, a lot of factors had to come together in order for myself and Taryn to return to SA for a short holiday! It wasnโ€™t an easy feat, but with the help of our amazing friends back home we could make the trip a reality.

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