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Meet South Africa’s National Arts Festival

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It’s National Arts Fest time, when guitars are played on pavements and street children with painted faces spend school holidays trying to stand still for money.  Outfits that have been saved for this time are now carefully pulled from the top shelf; that one combo that could either be outrageously stylish or just plain outrageous. The great thing about Fest? Either will do. Continue reading

Ocean initiation add

Ocean Initiation

By: Margot Leger Additional photos: Steven Lyon Photography

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After 6 months of living in Fiji, I decided that it was time to attempt my childhood dream – learning to surf.
I woke up at 6am to take on the challenge. I was staying at the simply, but accurately named, “The Beach House”,
a backpacker favourite. The good vibes of this little place really helped me get ready to take on some real waves!…
And by real waves, I’m not talking about gigantic, surfer-type of waves. Baby steps.

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