The “turning your back on SA” Bullshit…

Moving to NZ is definitely the biggest thing I have ever took on, to leave your friends, family, and everything you ever come to know behind - in search of something more, in search of what else is out there...
However one thing is for sure, growing up in a beautiful part of South Africa such as the Western Cape really puts you into perspective once you travel abroad...from my experience there is NOTHING that comes close to the magnitude of how diverse and stunning our own country is. Its become cliche but you have to see it to believe it, or in this case experience it by seeing what the rest of the world has to offer!
I'm extremely lucky to have been brought up on the Cape Peninsula and now to experience another absolutely beautiful part of the world is just the most rewarding feeling!
I have pursued the greater unknown since I left school, always intrigued by the idea of seeing and experiencing other countries and cultures! Sure, my main drive comes from chasing waves and experiencing places I have only ever dreamed of going to from what I've seen an heard in the surfing world...other people strive to travel to very different parts of the globe but the principle remains the same.
The new Journey Taryn an I have undertook though is a another challenge - a opportunity!
None of that "turning your back on SA" bullshit - a common murmur from other saffas when in company with somebody like me who has moved away from SA... 

It's really so far removed from that though - it's about exploring the planet and enjoying a life around the world!
We are all people of Earth, and naturally should be able to roam an explore as we please. Though in the times we live in this isn't always possible for allot of us because of an endless amount of man made barriers - society's expectations, jobs, mortgages, passports, visas all the things that block a large percentage of us from pursuing a similar path...
I try keep it as simple as possible - decide what you want out of life, rise above, conform and to a degree, be selfish in order to achieve what ultimately makes you happy.
It doesn't come easy to any of us, Taryn an I have made huge sacrifices to pursue this dream... The biggest one of all for us was leaving all our friends and family behind. Sending ourselves to the end of the Earth, to a isolated little island country in the South Pacific - New Zealand.
On top of that, all the hard work, struggle for jobs, tears, emotions and working offshore in another country far removed from any place I would ever wish to find myself!! Sacrificing 2 months away from my loved ones at a time, in order to enjoy 3 weeks of normal life back home - wherever that maybe....
Its no flashy lifestyle and we have no interest in accumulating material things - there's ALLOT of emotion and soul searching surrounding thse unsure times- allot more than I expected and its not without its struggles.
New Zealand is an amazing country and everybody has heard that - it is however not at all a walk in the park to move here... Its very expensive in comparison to SA and its very strictly regulated... Which is what you come to appreciate once you see how the country operates as a whole...
It was a real eye opener the first time I came here in '08, and having since travelled to a few more countries I have realized its true significance... There are plenty places to live in the world, and I dont believe in restricting ourselves to one place...I guess I like removing myself from the 'comfort zone' in order to experience new and challenging aspects of life, all in the meaning of growing, experiencing an learning more and more as we go.
If there's any advise I could pass on to anyone who even gives a crap what I've written here - is to stop making excuses, change what you need to change in order to achieve what you always wanted to achieve.
You are your only limitation so do what it takes to get where you want to be.
My short film below is a montage of clips from our travels in 2014. Its all NZ  and the majority is from around our new home. It's only the beginning...
like it........ or don't
Matt Hart - driftsole media

To The Sea

By: Matt Hart

June 2014: I hadn’t been back to South Africa for 5 months, homesick and working hard in Saudi Arabia since January, allot of factors had to come together in order for myself and Taryn to return to SA for a short holiday! It wasn’t an easy feat, but with the help of our amazing friends back home we could make the trip a reality.

We hit the road for 2 weeks, a general outline of where we were headed but no real plan…I reiterate that ‘no plan’ is the best plan. No expectations and little complications thanks to an amazing bunch of friends who helped make this the most memorable trip I’ve been on.

Venturing through the Klein Karoo and spending some time out in the quiet desert town of Barrydale with my brother Scott and the Magpie family, also happens to be where I asked my amazing girlfriend Taryn to marry me whilst watching the sun rise from the top of a koppie in the Klein Karoo.
This with the best group of friends I could have asked for, to be present in that special moment.

Tripping along, out the Desert and down to the Sea where our next stop was in the beautiful Tsitsikamma National Park with our good friends Taryn ‘n Jaco.
They were kind enough to take us in for the night as well as on a day hike along the Tsitsikamma coast line through forests, rocky cliffs and eventually to the most epic waterfall that pours down right beside the ocean.

From here on we spent the rest of endless days and nights surfing and relaxing! Waves were never scarce and each day was an absolute blessing!
Ive been busy with the short film the past 8 weeks whilst offshore, I tried capturing the beauty and the most memorable moments we had the pleasure of experiencing in South Africa!

Thanks to Trish and Stella Inggs for the use of their amazing family holiday house in St Francis.

Geoff Hart and Donoven Neale-May for putting us up in their amazing house in Simon’s Town.

Scott and Shane Hart, my brothers from Magpie Art Collective in Barrydale for your awesome hospitality and Love for us and our friends!

Christo Visser (fishstix vissie) for your courage in driving ‘THE WAGEN’ (70’s VW van) all the way down from Durban to Simon’s Town to take us there and back safely!

Sabrina for your huge smiles and unconditional love as well as the use of your car….the ‘backup’ incase it all failed!

Taryn Blowzy and Jaco (Wolfie) for sharing their amazing little piece of the Tsitsikamma with us….an absolute treat thank you!

And ovcourse all our amazing friends and family who made this trip the most memorable trip ever! Taryn and I are so grateful and despite not being in SA anymore we truly miss you all and will return soon for sure!!

Hope you guys enjoy the short film! Much love
Matt an Taryn

Click on through our pics below!

Meet South Africa’s National Arts Festival

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